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The Hive Hustle - Coming Soon!

A Monthly Membership Subscription to the Bee Lingual Academy Classroom Portal with Library Access to Hundreds of Virtual Classroom Lectures:


A web series on various linguistic concepts, new vocabulary & interactive Spanish lessons taught by an expert language educator!

Language Exchange Groups
& Eng/Span Conversation Club 


Fun, Social & Engaging!

A Quarterly Membership Subscription which grants you access to

 WEEKLY Conversation Groups & Immersive Experiences.


With an initial assessment of language proficiency by a certified language educator, intentional group placement & strategically designed activities to best enhance your language production  & boost your confidence in English and/or Spanish.

The Bee Lingual Book Club

The Bee Lingual Book Club entails weekly custom curriculum, highlighting vocabulary & strategic talking points to help you prepare for an intriguing & immersive conversation at the intermediate & advanced levels of language.


For a fraction of the cost you can stay plugged into a bilingual community in the comfort of your home or in person, supported by expert language moderators, chatting with your new HIVE FAMILY about some of the greatest Spanish literature written by world renowned authors.